It's A Complex Environment

Building mobile and cloud solutions can present challenges for even the most seasoned development organizations. These platforms embody new paradigms that mandate changes across the entire development lifecycle. Our Readiness Review process helps your organization gain valuable insight into areas of potential risk.

Whether your program is in the early planning stages or is already in full swing, our senior-level architects and engineers will help you identify high-impact areas of potential improvement across your organization’s IT development practice areas including:

  • Business, IT, and Mobile strategies
  • Process, tools, and methodology
  • Enterprise and mobile architectures
  • Middleware
  • Mobile and connected device development
  • Quality assurance

Let Us Guide You

The Mobile App Readiness Review is completed in four weeks. Our team works both onsite and remotely to evaluate your environment, document recommendations, and report findings.

The process includes:

  • Discovery: pre-visit calls and questionnaires to get started
  • Onsite Evaluation: stakeholder interviews to understand your current environment followed by meetings with your team to explore key risks
  • Readiness Analysis: formal Readiness Report is created using input from the onsite evaluation, questionnaire reviews, and research
  • Readiness Review: review of the Readiness Report with your team to discuss key findings and recommendations
  • Follow-Up: a plan for next steps and transfer important knowledge to key personnel as needed