iOS Development in Objective-C: Comprehensive (7 Days)

Take two great iOS programming courses at a reduced price. This comprehensive course combines Objective-C Programming — a rapid introduction that will get you up to speed on Objective-C quickly — and iOS Development in Objective-C, a thorough introduction to developing apps for the iOS platform. Includes a discussion on the role of Swift in the future of iOS development.


Professional developers who are interested in learning to develop Cocoa touch apps for iOS and Apple Watch


Experience with a compiled language such as C# or Java, or a dynamic language such as Ruby or Python

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Course Overview

This 7-day intensive is a great way to get your iOS development going quickly and smoothly. Gain real, hands-on proficiency coupled with insight into key iOS design patterns, development techniques, and best practices.

By the end of the class, you'll have written non-trivial apps from scratch that embody the things you've learned throughout the week. You'll have a solid understanding of every line of code you've written, plus experience using various debugging techniques to resolve issues along the way.

Section One

Objective-C Programming (2 Days)

A rapid introduction to the basics of ANSI C and Objective-C programming. This course is designed get you up to speed on the language features and Foundation framework APIs you'll need in everyday Cocoa development. Provides deep insight into Objective-C's dynamic runtime system, along with some of the more challenging aspects of C and Objective-C programming.

  • Learn the fundamentals of ANSI C programming and the standard C libraries.
  • Get solid on C functions, pointers, and data structures.
  • Learn to create and use Objective-C objects, classes, and methods.
  • Understand dynamic binding, messaging, and the Objective-C runtime.
  • Learn how and where to use Objective-C categories and protocols.
  • Gain plenty of hands-on experience with Foundation classes and APIs.
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Section Two

iOS Development in Objective-C (5 Days)

A rapid introduction that builds practical knowledge of iOS development from the ground up. This course carefully weaves topics in a way that reveals the inner workings of key mechanisms of Cocoa touch such as the responder chain, the view hierarchy, and target-action. The goal is not only to understand how to make an iOS app work, but also to understand why it works the way it does — insight that will help in resolving issues, learning new topics, and making better-informed design decisions.

  • Learn the fundamentals of UIKit and other iOS frameworks.
  • Work with touch events and keyboard input, and understand the event distribution system.
  • Understand custom drawing, animation, and layout.
  • Work with views, controls, and view controllers
  • Get a solid understanding of framework design patterns such as Delegate and Data Source.
  • Gain hands-on experience with nib files, storyboards, and segues.
  • Work with advanced view controllers to manage table views and navigation
  • Understand how to access the file system to store and retrieve user data.
  • Learn to use framework mechanisms to help manage concurrency.
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