Microservices Development: Bootcamp (7 Days)

Take three great microservices development courses at a reduced price. This bootcamp combines Scala Programming — a rapid introduction to programming in Scala — Microservices Design — a hands-on introduction to designing microservices — and Microservices Development, a thorough introduction to building actor-based microservices in Scala and Akka.


Developers who are interested in building actor-based microservices


Proficiency in a compiled language such as Java or C#, or in a modern dynamic language such as Ruby or Python

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Course Overview

This 7-day intensive is a great way to get your microservices development going quickly and smoothly. Gain real, hands-on proficiency coupled with insight into key design patterns, development techniques, and best practices.

By the end of the class, you'll have written a set of non-trivial microservices and a set of REST services from scratch that embody the things you've learned throughout the week. You'll have a solid understanding of the code you've written, plus experience using various debugging techniques to resolve issues along the way.

Section One

Scala Programming (2 Days)

A rapid introduction to the basics of Scala programming. Provides deep insight into the Scala standard library, along with some of the more challenging aspects of working with features such as closures, partial functions, traits, case classes, implicit conversions, futures, and functional programming.

  • Learn the fundamentals of Scala and the standard Scala libraries
  • Gain hands-on experience working with the REPL and IntelliJ
  • Get familiar with the Scala type system
  • Learn to create, extend, and use Scala classes, functions, and traits
  • Learn how to use case classes, pattern matching, and implicit parameters to simplify code
  • Learn functional programming techniques, including map, reduce, and filter
  • Get familiar with distributed computing concepts using immutability, futures, and promises
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Section One

Microservices Design (2 Days)

A rapid introduction to the basics of microservices design for the enterprise. Provides deep insight into the design of domain-driven, business event-based reactive systems, along with some of the more challenging aspects of defining state-of-the-art REST APIs.

  • Learn the fundamental goals of microservices, and how microservice architecture can benefit the enterprise.
  • Gain hands-on experience initiating microservices modeling activities via event storming sessions.
  • Learn to identify key business events (e.g., Invoice Paid, Customer Registered, etc.), and gain insight into how they can become key integration points for future applications and workflows in the enterprise.
  • Learn how business events can be used to decouple systems, and to allow services, microservices, external systems, and applications to evolve independently as the enterprise and IT demand grows.
  • Gain hands-on experience using Domain-Driven Design (DDD) to identify bounded contexts, entities, value objects, and business events.
  • Learn to develop a microservices strategy that can ultimately scale to accommodate the entire enterprise.
  • Get familiar with using Swagger to define, document, and publish RESTful APIs for microservices.
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Section Two

Microservices Development (3 Days)

A rapid introduction to implementing microservices. Provides deep insight into building reactive, event-driven, actor-based, RESTful microservice systems using Scala, Akka, and Lagom.

  • Understand the fundamental goals of microservices and the potential benefits they provide.
  • Learn how to use the Akka actor framework with Lagom to build truly reactive microservices.
  • Learn how to build a loosely-coupled, event-driven architecture using the Kafka distributed event bus.
  • Use CQRS to persist and retrieve objects using microservices.
  • Understand how event-sourcing can be used to ensure resilience.
  • Practice containerizing microservices via Docker and deploying to the cloud.
  • Learn how to develop microservices that are maintainable, testable, and scalable.
  • Learn how to use tools such as curl and postman to test your services.
  • Learn how to design and implement effective tests for microservices.
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