Server-Side Development in Swift: Comprehensive (5 Days)

Take two great Swift programming courses at a reduced price. This comprehensive course combines Swift Programming — a rapid introduction that will get you up to speed on Swift quickly — and Server-Side Development in Swift, a thorough introduction to building web applications and web services in Swift.


Developers interested in learning to develop web applications and services in Swift


You should have experience developing web applications or web services in another language.

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Course Overview

This 5-day intensive is a great way to get your server-side Swift development going quickly and smoothly. Gain real, hands-on proficiency coupled with insight into key design patterns, development techniques, and best practices.

By the end of the class, you'll have written a non-trivial app and a set of REST services from scratch that embody the things you've learned throughout the week. You'll have a solid understanding of every line of code you've written, plus experience using various debugging techniques to resolve issues along the way.

Section One

Swift Programming (2 Days)

A rapid introduction to the basics of Swift programming. This course is designed get you up to speed on the language features as well as the Foundation framework APIs you'll need in everyday Cocoa development. Provides deep insight into the Swift standard library, along with some of the more challenging aspects of working with features such as optionals, generics, closures, and initializers.

  • Learn the fundamentals of Swift programming and the standard Swift library.
  • Gain hands-on experience working with the REPL and Xcode Playgrounds.
  • Get familiar with the Swift type system, including generic types.
  • Learn to create, extend and use Swift objects, classes, protocols, and enums.
  • Work with properties, methods, and subscripts at the instance and type level.
  • Use extensions to enhance the capabilities of existing types.
  • Get solid on using optionals, nil-coalescing operators, optional chaining, and related features.
  • Learn functional programming techniques, including map/reduce.
  • Learn how to access Cocoa Foundation classes and APIs.
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Section Two

Server-Side Development in Swift (3 Days)

A rapid introduction to server-side Swift development that builds practical, hands-on knowledge from the ground up. You’ll learn how to do the following, and more:

  • Work around differences between swift-corelibs-foundation and Objective-C Foundation
  • Handle language bridging and interoperability issues with third-party libraries and frameworks
  • Manage concurrency with swift-corelibs-libdispatch (Grand Central Dispatch)
  • Develop and test server-side code in Xcode
  • Use the Swift Package Manager to perform macOS and Linux builds
  • Develop web applications, backend services, and REST APIs in Swift
  • Manage generation and consumption of JSON data
  • Manage URL routing, and HTTP requests, responses, and sessions
  • Implement data storage (relational, NoSQL, file-based, etc.)
  • Work with templating languages such as Markdown and Mustache
  • Work with microservices architectures
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