WatchKit Development (2 Days)

Get started using WatchKit and related frameworks to develop watchOS apps in Swift. This course help you get comfortable with storyboards, WatchKit APIs, and integration with iOS apps.


Current iOS developers who are interested in developing apps for Apple Watch.


Participants are expected to have a working knowledge of Swift and a minimum of six months of hands-on development experience with iOS, or to have taken iOS Development in Swift.

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Course Overview

Get started using WatchKit and its companion frameworks for developing apps for the watchOS platform that communicate efficiently with iOS apps and web services. This course includes comprehensive coverage of WatchKit fundamentals, as well as key features of more recent frameworks.

By the end of the class, you'll know how to develop a WatchKit app from scratch, taking advantage of newer features such as ClockKit complications and Time Travel timelines, and bidirectional communication with iOS apps via the WatchConnectivity framework.

  • Develop WatchKit apps, glances and notifications.
  • Implement bidirectional communication with an iOS app.
  • Use `NSURLSession` to access web services.
  • Work with static and dynamic timelines.
  • Design custom layouts and animation effects.
  • Work with table views and navigation controllers.
  • Work with interface groups and stacks.
  • Integrate data from CoreLocation, HealthKit, MapKit, and others.
  • Design and implement custom complications.

Course Outline

Configuring your WatchKit and iOS projects.
Interface Builder
Working with storyboards and Auto Layout.
Interface Objects and Controllers
Learn how to work with interface objects such as buttons labels, and images, and how to use interface controllers to manage them.
Table Views
Master working with interface tables and row controllers to display scrollable lists of data and respond to row selection.
Learn to use storyboard segues and interface controller API to implement page-based, hierarchical, and modal navigation.
Notifications and Glances
We cover responding to local and remote notifications, presenting modal alerts, developing glance interfaces, developing short-look and long-look notification interfaces, and responding to taps on action buttons.
Working with Files
Understand how to access your watchOS app's file system sandbox, as well as how to set up a shared container to enable files to be shared with its parent iOS app.
Communicating with iOS Apps
Learn to use the WatchConnectivity framework's `WCSession` class to enable bidirectional messages and file transfers between your watchOS app's WatchKit extension and its accompanying iOS app.
Communicating with the Network
Work with `NSURLSession` to upload and download data via HTTP and HTTPS.
Working with Media
Learn how to play audio and video content on Apple Watch, as well as how to record and store audio.
Accessing Data from other Frameworks
Understand how to work with data from a variety of iOS frameworks such as CoreLocation, HealthKit, and MapKit.
Using Handoff
Learn to publish your app's current activity to other devices via Handoff.

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