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iOS Courses for IT Professionals

Get up to speed on iOS development, and fast.


Objective-C for IT Professionals

Object-oriented, reoriented.

If you’re already familiar with object-oriented programming, Objective-C can be a little…well, disorienting. It’s a compiled language, but it supports dynamic typing. Oh, and static typing too. And classes that are also objects. And pointers. And…well, you get the idea. It’s a little different—no, make that a lot different—from other, object-oriented languages.

Which is why this course will be a great fit for you if background is in another object-oriented programming language, or for that matter a procedural language like C. Because even if you’re already comfortable with pointers, structures, and the like, you’ll need a really solid grasp of how runtime message dispatching, dynamic typing, and dynamic binding (not to mention categories, protocols, reference-counted memory, declared properties, blocks, and so forth) work in Objective-C.

Updated for iOS 8

Get ready for prime-time.

In fact, think of this as a hands-on, white-knuckle, crash course for programming professionals, where in two intense days you’ll learn the essentials of Objective-C programming. By the end of that brief period you’ll know enough of the language itself, the runtime system, and the Foundation framework, to be ready to dive right into learning iOS or Mac OS X development.

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iOS Development for IT Professionals

Ultra-fast pace. Mind-blowing depth.

Get up to speed for your upcoming iPhone or iPad project in record time. Learn to use Xcode 5 and iOS SDK frameworks such as Foundation, UIKit, and Core Animation to develop sophisticated, full-featured iOS 5 iPhone and iPad applications ready for the enterprise. This course will enable you to develop apps that incorporate many of the powerful features of Objective-C and Cocoa touch.

Pros only.

If you work regularly with a compiled language such as Java, C#, or C++, or an advanced scripting language such as Ruby, or Python, this course is for you. Our Pro Series courses are organized similarly to courses in the Beginner Series, but offer broader coverage and greater depth.

You’ll learn the essentials of iPhone and iPad development: the tools, frameworks, concepts, and best practices, reinforced by tons of of hands-on practice to strengthen your understanding.

Updated for iOS 8

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iOS Development for IT Professionals Bundle

Better by the pair.

Now you can take these two great Pro Series programming courses at a greatly reduced price. This course bundle combines Objective-C for IT Professionals , a fast-paced introduction to the Objective-C language for IT professionals who have a background in object-oriented languages, and iOS Development for IT Professionals , a comprehensive introduction to developing iPhone and iPad apps with the iOS SDK.

These courses will not only give you hands-on proficiency with Objective-C, iOS frameworks, and Apple's developer tools. They'll also give you deep insight into important design patterns, development techniques, and best practices.

Learn to create polished iOS apps.

Learn to use Xcode 5 and the UIKit framework to develop iPhone and iPad applications that take full advantage of powerful and sophisticated features of these two great platforms.

Updated for iOS 8

  • Learn the fundamentals of programming in Objective-C with Apple's Foundation framework.
  • Gain hands-on familiarity with iOS developer tools and frameworks, including Xcode and UIKit.
  • Start writing apps that take maximum advantage of the many powerful features of the iOS SDK.

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