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About Our Instructors

Gregory Reimer


Greg grew up on a farm, worked as a seasonal fireman, and at one point was a high school and middle school teacher. He went on to become a lead architect at Fannie Mae where he led the design of critical financial applications that supported millions of monthly transactions.

Jonathan Lehr


Jonathan is an expert in Objective-C and Swift programming, with well over a decade's experience with Apple's Cocoa frameworks, including hands-on software development on NEXTSTEP, OpenStep, OS X, and iOS. Jonathan has trained hundreds of iOS developers, and he's the author of several books and over a dozen courses on related topics.

LeRoy Mattingly


LeRoy is a developer, author, mentor, and business architect with a deep background in Apple development technologies, including years of hands-on technical leadership on Objective-C projects targeting the NEXTSTEP platform. He previously served as an independent consultant to such Fortune 500 companies as AIG, Booz Allen, Capital One, Bally, Fannie Mae, and Sprint.

Van Simmons


Van Simmons has been programming professionally in Objective-C for 25 years. Beginning on the original NeXT computers, he has followed the platform through its OpenStep, Mac OS/X and now iOS iterations, writing apps for the financial, healthcare and consumer spaces along the way. In 2014 immediately following the announcement of the Swift language, he converted all of his new development projects to Swift.

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