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Observations and innovations from WWDC 2024

Dawson Metzger-Fleetwood

  • New Volumetric APIs will allow fully immersive spatial experiences to run alongside other apps. They will also give you greater control over how objects resize when placed in space and allow ornaments to be affixed to volumes.
  • Room Anchors and Object Tracking APIs will improve scene understanding, allowing you to respond to the way users move between rooms. Add to that the ability to attach virtual content to physical objects.
  • TabletopKit will make it easier to develop shared experiences centered on tables.
  • RealityKit 4 will give you greater control over your 3D scene. This includes APIs for adding materials, creating shader-based hover effects along with low-level control over mesh and textures using Metal compute shaders.
  • Xcode will give you the ability to inspect 3D scene content while view debugging.
WWDC developer sessions
Inside a theater at Apple Park
Memorabilia from WWDC24
  • Powered by a model trained specially for Swift and Apple SDKs, predictive code completion allows developers to spend less time typing and more time innovating and problem-solving. Plus, unlike Github Copilot and other similar tools, your code never leaves your computer. Because the model is trained on Apple SDKs, developers will no longer need  to parse through out-of-date or hallucinated information produced by other LLMs.
  • New testing APIs promise to streamline writing and reading tests. Results will appear in-line with your code, making debugging easier. New tags, macros, and parametrization will let developers selectively run tests, capture complex expressions, generate detailed output, and run the same test across multiple values.
  • Swift also introduced data race safety. Before now, protecting applications from data races has been entirely on the programmer’s shoulders. This is incredibly difficult to do correctly and keep correct as applications grow in complexity and size. Worst of all, data races are unusual and unpredictable, making them difficult to reliably test for. . Swift 6 eliminates the problem entirely by detecting potential data races at compile time. No matter the size or complexity of the app, accidental data races are no longer an issue.
Outdoors at Apple Park during WWDC24
Abstract graffiti-style artwork with vivid colors and dynamic shapes.
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