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Three.js Project
Client Server
Future About Objects team members develop and facilitate C and Unix training curriculum.
n-Tier Architecture
Steve Jobs founds NeXT Computers. In short order he launches NeXTcube and NeXTstation.
Object-oriented programming replaces procedural programming
Future About Objects members begin developing full-stack, mission-critical enterprise apps on the NeXT platform for Fortune 500s
NeXT moves out of hardware, becoming NeXT Software, Inc.
Unified Modeling Language (UML) is created
Dot com boom accelerates time to market and company growth
Java is released
Rational Unified Process (RUP) is released
NeXT introduces WebObjects (web application server framework)
Future About Objects members developed a WebObjects Center of Excellence to facilitate process and technical mentoring for a large-scale IT organization
Future About Objects members develop world’s first transactional, enterprise web applications on NeXT’s WebObjects platform using Objective-C, then Java
Future About Objects members architect and manage enterprise investment initiatives worth over $200M on NeXT’s WebObjects platform
Apple acquires NeXT Software, Inc.
UML is adopted as a standard by the Object Management Group (OMG)
IBM’s Deep Blue defeats chess grandmaster, Gary Kasparov
App Servers
Extreme Programming (XP) methodology is adopted across a number of industries.
Google launches
Future About Objects members design Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and SOA enterprise investment initiatives worth in excess of $250M+
Big Data
John Mashey coins the term Big Data
Apple launches Mac OS X (an evolution of the NeXSTEP OS)
Agile Manifesto for software development published
Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) is passed
Future About Objects members publish Java Pitfalls (Time-saving solutions for Struts, Ant, Unit & Cactus)
Future About Objects member publishes Mastering Java Services Faces
Future About Objects members designs and implements large-scale information technology risk and controls program for trillion-dollar financial corporation
Google acquires Android
Apache Hadoop open source framework is released
WikiLeaks is founded
DevOps movement begins
Apple TV is released
iPhone release
About Objects is founded
About Objects develops Apple Curriculum and begins offering iOS training
Android Phone Released (HTC Dream)
Browser-based enterprise applications is offered through Google Apps
Cable cord-cutting revolution takes hold
About Objects becomes one of four agencies worldwide recommended by Apple for iOS development
About Objects develops Google curriculum and commences Android training
About Objects begins work on the world’s largest mobile healthcare initiative on iOS, Android, and Cloud
About Objects launches microservices
Edward Snowden reveals classified documents exposing widespread U.S. government surveillance programs
Google Chromecast is released
About Objects enterprise services expand to include professional sports & entertainment, and food manufacturing. Retail, hospitality, and medical devices soon follow.
About Objects partners with major sports league on its flagship mobile applications
Google names About Objects an enterprise partner.
Data breach at Target Corp impacts 70M customers. Subsequent lawsuits against the Target Board of Directors raise security responsibilities for corporate boards for the first time ever.
Apple introduces Swift OS at WWDC
Functional Reactive Programming gains popularity for data streams
About Objects takes a lead role in the Digital Media and OTT video streaming revolution on mobile and connected devices
Apple Watch is released
Apple showcases About Objects app for Marriott during Apple Watch keynote address
About Objects builds IoT smart home solutions
About Objects begins offering Business Analysis for Service API training
AWS Adoption Rate Soars
Apple launches Enterprise Partnership Program.
Apple extends invitation to About Objects to join its Enterprise Partnership Program
About Objects collaborates to develop native cloud solutions (Lambdas)
About Objects develops an iPhone AI solution using IBM’s Watson for image recognition
About Objects launches microservices training curriculum
About Objects enterprise services expand to include biomedicals, life sciences, and pharma
About Objects develops AI and image recognition solution using newly released ML libraries
About Objects enterprise services expand to include the government healthcare sector. The Department of Defense would soon follow.
About Objects designs and builds one of the first device-connected telemedicine solutions
Google announces Kotlin as the preferred programming language for Android
About Objects releases a fully reimagined mobile booking and loyalty experience for worldwide hotel chain
SwiftUI announced at WWDC
About Objects conducts a comprehensive mobile security assessment for the Census Decennial
Generative AI
LLMs explode onto the scene
DevSecOps is emphasized and adopted across the development landscape
ChatGPT is unveiled
About Objects develops COVID response mobile apps for the U.S. Military’s Northern Command
About Objects creates AI/ML practice
A top 10 pharmaceutical company tasks About Objects with leading its transformation into digital therapeutics
About Objects builds custom programming tool for leading Free Ad Supported TV (FAST) Service
About Objects develops next-generation mobile ticketing solution to combat fraud at professional sports venues
About Objects develops NFC mobile wallet-based physical access control solutions for Smart Buildings
About Objects designs unprecedented functional React native mobile architecture that supercharges development for iOS and Android
About Objects develops native mobile ordering and loyalty app for leading restaurant chain
Apple announces Vision Pro and spatial computing
About Objects launches spatial computing practice
Apple Vision Pro is unveiled
About Objects is hand-selected by Apple to design and build a FireOps concept for Vision Pro, which was showcased by Tim Cook at the company’s spatial computing event.
About Objects continues to shape how organizations and their users interact with technology.
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If you want to be part of a culture that is steady, reliable, and committed to progress, About Objects may be your best option. Mentorship-focused and built on lasting relationships, our knowledge is yours to gain.

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  • Where the future is going: sniffing out all of Apple’s clues
    Where the future is going: sniffing out all of Apple’s clues
    See more: Where the future is going: sniffing out all of Apple’s clues
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